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Each day can be the start of something remarkable, but it’s only in retrospect that one can appreciate the significance of that first day.  June 1, 1982, was Krystal’s first day on staff at OAR.  She served for thirty-two years.  Sadly, this past Sunday she died at her home after an extended illness.

Krystal knew where everything was; she knew who everyone was; she knew how everything was done – and how it ought to be done.  She loved to tell a story about all the characters – staff, clients, and volunteers – who graced these halls.

Krystal was the heart of OAR – and the glue that held us together.

Krystal was our memory.  She was a one-woman archive with personal experience of three-quarters of the history of OAR. 

Her passing is a great loss for us.

So many of you who have taken a few moments to read this are people who knew Krystal.  You have memories of her that are special in some way – touching, inspirational, funny…

We would be grateful if you would take a few moments to share* a thought – a memory or anecdote or even a picture.  We, in turn, will share these with her family and treasure them with all of you – we will keep them here

It’s a way to keep Krystal with us a while longer. 


*email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   



Offender Aid and Restoration of Richmond (OAR) enhances public safety by providing individuals and families affected by incarceration with transition services that support safe and successful reintegration into the community. 


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