How Do Second Chances Start With You?


Offering a Fresh Start makes all the difference.

Did you know that over 2 million individuals are incarcerated in the United States today and that over 90% of these individuals will return home to our communities?  This means that there is a great need for reentry services for our returning citizens and OAR is here to help in Richmond, Virginia and the surrounding communities.

OAR is a non-profit that provides services for post-incarceration clients at our Scotts Addition (downtown Richmond) office as well as has staff in the following jails:  Richmond City Justice Center, Chesterfield County Jail, Henrico County Jail West, Henrico County Regional Jail East, and Pamunkey Regional Jail.  OAR also has staff that travel throughout the state to meet with individuals that are incarcerated in State and Federal Prisons before they are released.  

OAR operates from a person-centered, strengths-based perspective.  All of our participants are treated as individuals and called by their names.  We don't use the terms "offender" or "felon" at our agency and we know that the use of person-centered language goes a long way in helping our participants feel better about themselves.  

We hope you will consider getting involved as we know that our participants will touch your lives as much as they do ours.

So How Can You Help?

1. Get to know our organization and tell others.  We count on our community to help us spread the word about OAR and our services.

2.  Volunteer-Check out our volunteer opportunities and help the Richmond community be giving of your time and expertise at OAR.

3.  Donate-As a non-profit we count on grants, foundations, and individual donors to help us carry our our mission.  Donations of any amount are always welcomed and appreciated. We also accept in-kind donations and gifts of stock.  Click on the Donate button above to learn more about giving to OAR.

4.  Follow us on Facebook and Instagram and share our posts.  This helps us to get the word out about the great things our participants are doing as well as gives details on special events, fundraisers, and other ways to support OAR.

What Does OAR stand for?

OAR historically stood for Offender Aid and Restoration.  In 2015, the OAR Board decided that we should change our name to be more strengths based and to do away with using the term offender.  Our new name is Opportunity. Alliance. and Reentry of Richmond.

OAR's Board of Directors approved their 3 year strategic plan on June 27, 2017.  The OAR staff and Board worked extremely hard on this plan and look forward to using it as a guide over the next three years.    As a part of this planning process, the staff and Board worked together to update the organization's Vision, Mission, and Values statements.  

OAR's Vision:  

A community which advocates for the fully-recognized humanity of those affected by the criminal justice system.

OAR's Mission:

As the community leader in reentry services, OAR of Richmond provides evidence-based and person-centered approaches to empower those impacted by incarceration to find individual success.

OAR's Values:

  • We value diversity and believe that all of our participants deserve to be treated with dignity and respect.
  • We recognize that each participant's path to success and opportunity is unique.  
  • We are committed to advocacy on behalf of our participants to influence positive changes in public policy.
  • We hold our staff and volunteers to the highest standards of professionalism, integrity, and compassion.
  • We actively engage the community through collaboration with many valued partners. 


To view our Strategic Priorities and Strategies click HERE