Join Team ExtraOARdinary!

EACH DAY is truly a New Day at Opportunity Alliance and Reentry (OAR)!

EACH DAY OAR makes it possible to celebrate, encourage, accept and help our clients successfully re-integrate into the community from incarceration.

EACH DAY with OAR, returning citizens don’t have to hide their backgrounds.

EACH DAY we provide guidance in so many ways, including: job preparation, employment, bus tickets, work clothes, ID documents,  housing searches, various referrals, life-changing support groups, and so much more! 

TODAY… OAR invites YOU to join our “Team ExtraOARdinary” donors as we support returning citizens committed to successfully moving on a pathway forward!

TODAY…we invite YOU, because Team ExtraOARdinary donors understand that transition back into the community is never, ever easy.

Team ExtraOARdinary donors also understand that there is little in life that anyone achieves alone!

 Your monthly donation will help returning citizens achieve a strong and vibrant TOMORROW!

To join Team ExtraOARdinary, simply fill out our monthly giving form HERE.  Be sure to select Monthly under "Donation Schedule."  Your monthly gift will help us to do so many things!

For $5 a month, you assist with the cost of daily bus tickets for transportation to and from work.

For $10 a month, you assist with the cost of a vital record such as a birth certificate.

For $15 a month, you assist with the cost of a DMV ID.

For $25 a month, you assist with the cost of uniforms and shoes for work.