For more information about Jail Services, please contact Victor Dinson, Jail Services Coordinator at

OAR case managers are available to meet with jail residents individually at

Chesterfield County Jail

Richmond City Justice Center

Pamunkey Regional Jail

Henrico County Jail East

Henrico County Jail West

Jail residents may contact their case manager by submitting an OAR request form at the jail.

Depending on funds available, service location, and specific eligibility guidelines, the OAR pre-release services include the following:

  • Individual counseling

  • Alcoholics Anonymous groups

  • Narcotics Anonymous groups

  • Parent education

  • Drug/alcohol treatment referrals

  • Shelter, clothing, and food referrals

  • Job readiness/employment assistance

  • Goal-setting assistance

  • Educational groups:

    • Who's On Your Bus?

    • Think About It

    • Health Relationships

    • Anger Management

    • Money Management

    • Substance Abuse Education

    • Work It Out